You didn’t see me staring at you – thankfully.

I was sat marking up a product newsletter – making it more useable for its target audience – the sales community and there you were – the embodiment of a perfect salesperson/ account manager.

It was a pleasure to watch and listen to you as you took your prospective customer (of which there were three) through your solution.

On a flat A5 moleskin you drew, scribbled and developed the approach and solution in front of them.

Everything was related back to the business, indeed their individual function; what it would mean for them; how they would take it to the board.

You switched effortlessly between the people sat in front of you.
Your descriptions prompted more insights into their business from the customer –
and more questions, which you just answered again with context –

Learn from the guy at Starbucks.

“When you take this to the board……
This is how it should work……
We do this and this therefore means for you …”

You were selling something really technical, but it was all about what it would mean for them – and what this means for you.

It was a joy to listen too! I think I’m in love!



  • Nikki Myles: Director – SalesEASE

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